Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Plug Up Energy Drains

Start by making a list of your procrastination items. An example of a list could be:

  • Calling potential business leads
  • Cards and letters I need to write and get in the mail
  • Choosing and buying a new desk
  • Moving to another city/state
  • De-cluttering and cleaning my home
  • Doing something with my craft supplies
  • Reading all the books and magazines I have accumulated
  • Paying off credit cards
  • Making time for a spiritual and/or religious practice in my life
Once you've made your list, ask yourself what changes might happen in your life if you start eliminating them. Are you not handling them because you're afraid of these changes, or of letting go of old "stuff"?

Next, take your list and note next to each item which of the following three categories they fall into:
  • Things only you can handle - like making phone calls, doctor appointments, moving, ending a relationship, exercising
  • Things you can delegate or hire out - cleaning, filing, organizing, running errands
  • Things you can just get rid of - the stack of unread magazines, clothes that no longer fit, old appliances, etc.
Handle the items you need to handle, delegate or hire out those that can be done by someone else, and just get rid of whatever you can, either by donating it, selling it on eBay or having a yard sale.


North shore plumber said...

there r 2 kinds of people - those who work to live n those who live to work

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