Friday, November 07, 2008

Identify People That Drain You vs. Those That Energize You

Some types of what I like to refer to as "energy vampires" are:

  • The blamer - blames everyone and everything else for their problems, except themselves.
  • The whiner - complains constantly, but never does anything about it.
  • The know-it-all - knows everything and constantly challenges what you say.
  • The belittler - this is the person who cuts you off, reprimands you and/or puts you down, sometimes in front of others, "for your own good".
You can tell when you've been around an "energy vampire", because you typically leave them feeling drained and/or bad about yourself.

People that fuel you, however:
  • Appreciate you and your talents, gifts and strengths
  • Communicate with you respectfully, without shaming or belittling you
  • Pay attention to you, care about you, and what you have to say
  • Are honest, and tell the truth


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