Monday, September 01, 2008

5 Steps to Get Through Fear

  • Identify the fear that’s holding you back. Is it fear of looking stupid? Making a mistake? Fear of failure? Fear of success?

  • Imagine the worst-case scenario. What if what you feared actually happened? What if you really did look like the biggest moron in the neighborhood, and all your friends avoided you like you’ve suddenly developed the plague or a highly contagious rash? What if you tried learning to drive and hit a car? What if you actually wrote the “Great American Novel”, started earning checks with lots of zeroes at the end and lived in a spacious ranch in California?

  • Imagine the best-case scenario. What if you did jump off the cliff, leave your boring day job and start writing personal-growth books? What kinds of people would you meet? How would it feel to be doing what you really love? How much support would you have from your friends/family? Where would you live? What would your average day be like? Identify people and evidence that support the idea that, yes, you can!

  • Think about what you’re missing out on by not even trying.

  • Assess what you could reasonably stand to lose by going out on a limb, and whether or not you can handle it. If so, than ask yourself a big “So WHAT?” and do it!


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