Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fun with Finances, Free Coaching & Other Fun Stuff

As part of my goal of giving myself away for free in 2009, I have set up a free online community on called Fun with Finances 101. While the group won't "officially" launch until next weekend, you're all more than welcome to sign up now. I'm not setting any rules like "you have to post in the forums every day", but as in life, you need to show up. It's a work in progress, and I have no idea where it will lead, but it should be a really fun adventure!

One of the benefits of being a member of the community will be some free group coaching/support/brainstorming sessions via teleconference, details to be announced as soon as I figure them out. This is all available at no cost to anyone who has been impacted by the current economic situation. Whether you've been laid off, have lost an income or part of an income in your household, are trying to make do with less and/or make the most of what you have, you're all welcome on the journey. The only requirement is that you be an active participant.

I've also taken the plunge and registered for a host account with BlogTalkRadio, and my show, once I get around to actually doing it, will be called "Inspiration Soup". This will probably take me a few more weeks to actually get rolling, because I first need to familiarize myself with the workings of the site. Then, I have to get past my fear of committing to a weekly radio show! So, the next few weeks should be loads of fun all around!


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