Friday, February 01, 2008

Change the Channel


Replace negative television and radio shows with something more uplifting. I'll admit, I can get seriously hooked on Maury, Jerry Springer and Judge Judy, not to mention a few reality shows. However, I've also been noticing the effect they have on my overall emotional and spiritual well-being. So, now I'm trying to limit my "trash TV" watching, and watch more funny, uplifting shows and movies, or listen to good music. While I will probably never give up CSI, Law & Order and American Idol, changing some of my other viewing habits is definitely having a positive effect.

Try it and see. Pick one show from your "trash TV" viewing list, and try watching something else instead. Instead of watching the news, try browsing the headlines online in the morning, and choosing which stories and images you view. Notice the results.


Dr.John said...

You could always try not watching any TV . But I suppose that's not possible. Good luck in finding good television.

Black Eyed Gurl said...

I don't watch trash TV because I don't like seeing people's misery. I mean the world sucks enough, no reason to watch Wife Swap to reinforce it right? I like to watch fiction, so I'll stick to that, but I'll try to cut out some of my celeb gossip reading. Thanks for the comment!!

diet dilemma magmem stlye said...

Hi, you commented on BE about my blog needing a link. I don't know anything bout computers. I thought one could get to my site by clicking on the I went to your site again and thought I'd comment on the "change the channel" entry you made. So true, I did the same you did, and now I stay away from the trash. We are subject to transfer of feelings when we watch offensive thngs. Stick around like minded people and areas. Nothing better than having an up lifted spirit. God Bless You.

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